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The Studio

The GARAGE is a small boutique style studio accommodating up to 8 people. Equipped with all sorts of tools to sculpt, tone, stretch and move your body through every plane of motion. Classes are small ranging in size from 4-8 clients. Assuring to provide personal attention to each client. 

Formats can include-Strength Training, Boxing (on bags), Cardio Sculpt, Toning and Stretching, Mat Pilates, Yoga, Tabata's, Barre Sculpt, and Injury Recovery. We are committed to each and every client.


About Susan Owner/Instructor

Susan Weitzenfeld has concentrated her career in the fitness industry over the last 35 years. The GARAGE started out of her personal garage at her home for 7 years.  Where she taught private training in small groups. Then moved The GARAGE to its current location in 2008.  Susan holds certifications in personal training, group fitness, pilates, weight training, bosu, and kick boxing.  She is constantly challenging herself with courses and conferences to stay current in the health and fitness


Here at the GARAGE


To help each and every client reach their personal best in a judge free zone.


Fitness = Movement = Quality of  Life

This is something you should take the time to do for yourself.


With so many gyms combining all sorts of fitness styles The GARAGE is proud to be predominately a weight training studio for all ages. 


Not a class person? 

Try our affordable personal training.