The Studio

the GARAGE is an 900 square foot exercise studio.  It is
equipped with every useful tool to sculpt, tone,stretch and move
the body.  Classes vary from 8-10 in size to provide personal
attention to each client. Offering a wide range of class formats
from Yoga, Pilates, Kick Boxing, Bag Boxing Cardio Sculpt,
Strength Training, Toning and Stretching.
We at The Garage are committed to each and every client to
help them be the best they can be, in a safe, fun caring,
energetic environment.  

Our Motto: Just get through the door and we will guide you
through the rest.
About Susan

Susan Weitzenfeld has concentrated her career in the fitness industry over the last 10 years.
During the past 7 years she has operated her 1st studio out of her garage in her house.  
Where she taught private training in small groups.  Susan holds certifications in personal
training, group fitness, pilates, weight training, bosu, and kick boxing.  She is constantly
challenging herself with courses and conferences to stay current in the health and fitness
A Word From Susan

My hope and inspiration
for all that come to The
Garage is to leave
feeling empowered and
confident because they
had fun and pushed
themselves further than
they thought possible.
7765 W. North Ave
River Forest, Il 60305
Phone: 312.952.7887

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For most, fitness expectations are that of loosing a dress size
or a notch on their belt. Here at The Garage fitness is about
optimum health.  When you embrace fitness, you should
expect to:

  • Sleep Better
  • Walk Taller
  • Feel Empowered
  • Have More Confidence
  • Have Improved Balance
  • Stress Reduction
  • Increase in Energy
"Fitness should not be something you have to do but instead
something you take the time to do for yourself"
Workouts move from
garage to The Garage

River Forester takes her
passion for fitness to
new North Avenue
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Exercise group started in RF garage.
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