Barre Fusion
A no impact, high intensity, one hour class. Burns fat, creating a toned long lean muscles.
This sculpted look is what you achieve when working your muscles to exhaustion through high
repetitions and intensity. Then stretching each muscle group to lengthen. This dancers type
principle will work your core, lift your derriere, tone your arms and legs

Body Sculpt
A one hour total body work out  sculpting the body from head to toe. There are several
different forms of exercise that can be a part of a body sculpting program, depending on the
area of the body requiring the sculpting. Using free weights, stability balls and bands class
changes weekly as to always keep the body guessing.

Beginners welcome to work at their own pace

Cardio Bosu/Upper Body Toning             

Heart pumping Cardio on the Bosu Ball. A half ball used for integrated balance training. A
fabulous combination of Core, Balance, Lower Body and of course Cardiovascular Work,
paired with the final 20 minutes of Upper Body Toning and Abdominal work to make this a
complete total body conditioning class.  

Choreography Level:  Minimal-Easy to Follow  
Challenge Level: Intermediate- Advanced

Beginners welcome to work at their own pace

Cardio Bosu/Pilates  

More of our Heart pumping Cardio on the Bosu Ball [see full description of Cardio Bosu/ Upper
Toning]  Paired with 30 minutes of Mat Pilates.    With the body already in its warmed state it
allows the body to stretch a little further and work a bit harder.  Expect to work your core
muscles,lengthen your spine and muscles, feel energized and confident after leaving this
combination class. Your in for a treat.  

Choreography Level:  Minimal-Easy to Follow
Challenge Level:  Intermediate-Advanced

Beginners should have some knowledge of mat pilates  

Fit Lite

A class designed to promote safe and effective strength training using weights, tubes, and
balls. Incorporating balance, flexibility, lengthening  and core stabilization exercises to
enhance posture alignment and functional fitness. All levels. Choreography: Simple

Choreography Level:  Simple
Challenge Level: All Levels

Butts & Gutts

30:00 minutes dedicated to the Bottom Line! Strength Training for the Abs, Core, Gluts and
Back. This class will use weights, balls, tubes and the Step to tighten and tone and strengthen
your Assets and more!


1 hour of Ultimate Conditioning w/Cardio Interval Training. Using a variety of equipment to
keep the heart pumping and the muscles burning for 60:00. We will work head to toe , leaving
no muscle behind.

Choreography Level: Moderate
Challenge Level: Intermediate-advanced

Power Yoga

1 hour of Hatha Yoga involving a series of Vinyasa's (flowing from 1 pose to another). This
class will strengthen your upper body, lengthen your muscles, get your heart pumping and
your soul searching for more.

Challenge Level: Intermediate -Advanced
Class Descriptions